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Makeup Musings: From Self-Doubt to Confident Brush Strokes

Zakiyya Bham

If you asked me 5 years ago if I thought I would be where I am today, I'd probably say never.

Here I am, five years on, grateful for every moment. It's been enlightening, scary, nail-biting, and stomach-turning, but fulfilling in every sense. Most days, I am terrified, questioning my sanity, but breathing, like I've just taken my first breath. As we head into October, aka Spooky Szn, and definitely one of the most perfect times to really flex those skills, I am definitely up for all things gore—perhaps Glam-Gore.

I have my eye on a number of brands that I'm dying to purchase, but somehow I always come home with new skincare. I often have to ask myself:

  1. Do I really need another nude eyeshadow? (I mean, who decided how many are too many?)

  2. Is this for research, or would I carry this in my kit?

  3. Does something require replenishing soon?

I absolutely love getting to share my journey of growth while getting to witness so many incredible beings' special moments. Most days, self-doubt creeps in, but when I pick up a brush, it all makes sense.

I'm highlighting the talent and beauty across Africa. I get to collaborate, create, and connect with the most incredible human beings.

You know you're doing the right thing when you feel a higher vibration, and when the person leaving your chair feels just as energized, confident, and comfortable in the look they're presenting.

As we head into warmer days, you can already feel the spirit of December creeping in; fresher-looking skin, pastel washes of color across the lids, flamingo cheeks, and supple lips.

Here's to incredible days ahead!




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