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But First... Skin

Zakiyya Bham


Beautiful skin is the foundation of a beautiful make up application.

As a makeup artist and a skin care junkie, I know the importance of skincare in the longevity of my makeup application. I love balancing all Natural skincare with High performance makeup products for the most beautiful end result.

Growing as an Artist and witnessing trends and fashion evolve through time and until recently, how Covid, is affecting our mindsets towards our skin and our overall health.

I recently added the B3 Beauty wand to my list of services. Paired with an All natural skincare system, allowing a spa like facial experience before your event allowing you to relax and take in a moment that is well deserved before your event.

A handheld device that cleanses, rejuvenates the skin with LED light therapy, and gentle micro currents massage and warm your skin. It instantly plumps and boosts the skins natural appearance.

The skin instantly appears plumper and brighter. Makeup blends into the skin seamlessly and the application lasts longer and appears more skin like.

There is really nothing sexier than a woman being comfortable in her own skin. And I love to focus on that, their most beautiful self. Paired with a gorgeous set of eyes or a bold lip. I aim to help my clients step out in their most confident versions of themselves.

Let me help you Relax, Reset and Revive.


So Be kind to yourself.
Take your collagen. Don’t allow boys to be nasty to you.
Remember Self care is not being selfish.


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