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The makeup designs I create are unique and different, suited to every client based on your list of requirements. 




Why hire a Makeup Artist?

Some of the key points to consider when hiring a makeup artist is firstly sanitation. Covid19 has changed the way we interact with each other and the importance of our hygiene must be optimized. No exceptions should be made when it comes to the subject. 

Disposals are a staple in any MUAs kit. No product should be used directly on your face if it has not been wiped down, sterilized or decanted.

Time management is one of the key factors when hiring a MUA. Their ability to create a flawless application and how quickly it can be applied. Weddings, Events , Shoots are all high demand situations and delays are expected. Even if delays are expected, the MUA should always be prepared to deliver a seamless application. 


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Bridal. (120 mins) 
Every moment is a memory. Some memories will fade away and some become milestones in our lives. I am grateful to be a part of so many core memories. We definitely all remember our wedding day Makeup Artist. I am excited in making this one of the most memorable days of your life. 

From modern to traditional bride. I aim to offer  you the most luxurious experience. A gorgeous healthy skin looking glow begins with beautifully curated skincare. I pamper and prep my bride so she is left confident and  looking her very best. 
Her very own lip shade is carefully blended and gifted in her emergency kit.

Classic brides are always a win and it’s timeless. A trial may be booked to put your heart at ease but not always necessary.

The importance of a well balanced diet, skincare routines, alternative treatments and recommendations as well as organic home pampering and other trade secrets to achieving the best results on your big day is shared. Any skin conditions or allergies are discussed as well as the skins overall condition throughout the day.
Time, Season and Venue are all details to consider.


On the day: Apart from delivering your dream application to compliment your dress, hair and colour scheme of your special day. You can be confident in knowing your application will be long lasting, will photograph beautifully and have you feeling confident and looking exquisite all day. Once the gown is worn, any exposed areas will be highlighted or bronzed to create a uniform appearance.  

**Please wear a white shirt for the trial.

Time: trial in studio 90 min


I offer an exclusive service to everyone at your venue of choice saving you time. My style focuses on beautiful skin paired with bold pops of colour and a touch of sparkle. Shading is a much more flattering and natural way of bringing depth, balance and dimension to the face.

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Glam (60 mins)
The Razzle Dazzle
Glitz and the Glam 
Because sometimes it’s necessary to be unnecessary. 
Even the simplest of looks sometimes takes a few extra steps than what you would think is expected. Refining that eye. Or perfecting the pout. From bold to classy. I always have your back. Eyelashes included.

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